Our production kitchen provides a full range fresh and bespoke items

Making your business efficient while keeping your quality levels and standards as high as possible, is a challenging task for every hotelier and restaurateur.

Our experienced in-house kitchen team, led by our award-winning Executive Chef, produces a mouth-watering array of freshly prepared and ready-to-eat dishes, including parfaits, terrines and dauphinoise potatoes, allowing you to develop your menu without adding to your costs and preparation times.

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Our dedicated facilities provide food preparation areas and our skilled team provide capabilities that we believe are second-to-none in our industry.

All preparation activities are carried out by our own expert team in our clean facilities using only the freshest locally-sourced and hand-selected fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products prepared to your exact specifications with the care and attention you expect.

Our state-of-the-art preparation facilities use the most modern techniques and processes to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, so you can be confident the standards you strive to meet every day in your kitchen, are being met and exceeded here too.

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