From humble roots...

The Fresh Food Company started many years ago as the Fresh Fruit Company, based in Glasgow’s famous Fruitmarket. In 2008, Paul Thompson, the Managing Director, founded the new company out of the original business owned and operated by his father.

Formed in 2008 from a long-established business, the Fresh Food Company provides high quality produce, chef prepared high quality foods and gourmet meals to a diverse range of prestigious clients throughout Scotland and the UK.

Diversifying the products and services offered to customers has seen the introduction of dairy ranges, dry stores, in-house fruit and vegetable preparation, high quality meats, and chef-designed ready-to-eat menu products. All ready-to-eat options are designed and prepared using the very best ingredients and are hand-crafted by a team of experts with the Fresh Food Company.

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We have invested heavily in our facilities and our people in Glasgow to ensure our clients benefit from our range of preparation services

Our dedicated facilities provide food preparation areas and our skilled team provide capabilities that we believe are second-to-none in our industry.

All preparation activities are carried out by our own expert team in our clean facilities using only the freshest locally-sourced and hand-selected fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products prepared to your exact specifications with the care and attention you expect.

Our state-of-the-art preparation facilities use the most modern techniques and processes to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, so you can be confident the standards you strive to meet every day in your kitchen, are being met and exceeded here too.

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